Motorola "Bounce" is Called "Moto X Force"

Motorola's "Bounce" Codenamed Phone is officially Called As "Moto X Force"

So There is recently leaked phone from Motorola is know by the Codename "Bounce" 
now the Leaks Suggests that "bounce" is Officially Called As "Moto X Force" actuallly it's leaked by the @upleaks.

So the Actually the Phone is rugged Version of Moto X style coming with 5.43 inch 2K display, 64GB internal memory, 3760mAh battery, Snapdragon 810 coupled with 3GB Of Ram and 
21MP Rear & 5MP Front Cameras ready to be Launched on December 2015.

Phone is actually made for Long Run Because it's a rugged Features with better specification it can run for long time with its customer because of its shatterproof and crash-proff Features. Hardware also chosen to run long term software updates from android.
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