Say Hello to the new Google LOGO !

Google Changed it's Logo !

New Logo of Google Introduced on 1st September 2015 and logo now has a new, tailor-made sans-serif typeface called Product Sans.

The Google said that People are using Google from various devices i.e Mobile Phone, Watch, TV, Car Dashboard and Computers so its a new logo which suits for every Google user.

Here is the Image showing time to time changes in logo of Google !

Google log since its Launch | Credit : wikipedia

Here is Google favicons from 1995 to 2015
Google favicons | Credit : wikipedia

New Google Log As on 1 September 2015

They Even Made a video Informing about there time to time services provided by them but they forgot to mention Google plus services in the video. (Poor Google Plus)


 So Here is a Animated Google Logo of 2015 !

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