Will Nokia launch Android Phone in 2016 ?

Fresh Images of Nokia C1 Android phone !

Nokia C1 android phone images leaked in the internet for 2nd time and Nokia is planning to launch this android phone in the upcoming year 2016. After agreeing with Microsoft its a first phone of Nokia which could be launched in Q1 or Q2 of 2016 Because Nokia is not legally launch phones until 2016 according to the agreement with Microsoft.

Phone Looks slim and attractive from images. And you can guess no physical buttons for navigation but they are in UI. On the other side it's coming with rumored spec's of 5-inch 720p display, Intel atom coupled with 2GB ram, 8MP Rear cam, 5MP front snapper. Although these spec's are mid ranged but i hope this phone should come at a price point of 150 usd to 180 usd. so it can capture some smartphone market share.
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