Redmi Note 3 Vs Redmi Note 4 What Is Changed Now !!!

Redmi Note 3 VS Redmi Note 4

Well, The Xiaomi Launched a next model of redmi note series which is Redmi Note 4 on 19 January 2017 In India for the Price Ranging From Rs 9,999 ($147) to 12,999 ($190). This Time The New Redmi Note 4 added A new Variant with New Color, Black For All 3 Variants and 64 GB Storage with 4GB Ram Which is high end model Costing Rs12,999($190).

Xiaomi redmi note 4 black
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Black | 64GB Storage with 4GB Ram
Nothing Much changed Compared to the Redmi note 3 Some Design Modifications Like Speaker Holes are Now on the bottom like Apple iPhone style, line which is above the camera and below the MI logo looks Thicker, 2.5 Curved Glass On the Front and Little compact in size Compared to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Variants

Major Changes To the Xiaomi Redmi note 4

Specification Wise The SOC Is Now changed from Snapdragon 650 To Snapdragon 625 (14nm LPP FinFET Process) Which 20% Power Efficient and Than the Snapdragon 650, Comes with Octa Core Processors 8x Cortex-A53 clocked at 2GHz and Xiaomi Also claims that it comes 13 MP BSI CMOS Camera Sensor which will capture stunning images even in low light, Now the Battery capacity is 4100mAh Which Slightly More that redmi note Note 3.
Bottom line is Xiaom Redmi note 4 is More Power Efficient Compare to its Predecessor with little Performance Upgrade and with a new BLACK COLOR. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Is available In 3 variants with a new Black Color Exclusively on and sales Starting from 23 January 2017 @ 12 PM sharp

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