LG G5 With Iris Retina Scanner

LG's G5 Coming With Metal Body, Iris Retina Scanner and a Finger Print Sensor.

Lg will Launch its Flag ship Device The LG G5 On February 2016 instead of April Due Some Huge Flagship competition. The Xiaomi also Delayed its Flagship Device Xiaomi Mi5 Launch.
Lets Move To Rumors Specifications.

Lg G5 coming With Iris Retina Scanner

So Here Are The Rumored Specs about the LG's G5

  • Qualcomm's 820 Snapdragon Processor
  • 5.6" QHD Display.
  • Iris Retina Scanner and Finger Print Scanner.
  • 21 Megapixels Camera With 1/2" Sensor.
  • A Metal Unibody.

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