Mi 4i Review ! After Using 3 Months

Hello There Today I am Going to share My Experience About My Mi4i Device After Using It For 3 Months.First of All I Got a Say That The Device Pretty Solid and Build quality Is amazingly Good And It Smooth As Butter But Sometimes I noticed The Lag While Operating the Phone Due To Heavy Multitasking. No Problem at all But Some Time It Hangs I have To Wait For To Auto Restart.
Heating issue At First and After Updating (LXMICF) It's Little Bit Solved and it Also Gives Some Modification In UI and Notification Panel

What I Like About My Mi4i (ADVANTAGES OF MI4I)

  1. Its Pretty Solid Device And Build Quality Too Good (7.8mm Thick)
  2. The Camera Is Ultimately Good  (Sony Sensor And Samsung Front Cam)
  3. UI is Too Simple
  4. Display Is Easily Visible in Sharp Day light No Problem at all
  5. It Looks Like Premium Device And L Love the Front Look
  6. It Recharges Too Quick
  7. Dropped Phone For 4 times No Problem  
  8. Display Produces Pretty Good OUTPUT
  9. Touch Sensitive Buttons Got Background Lighting It Helps In Night and Dark area
  10. FLASH is Pretty Solid Its DUAL TONE FLASH and It Helps to take Good Photos In Night

What I Dislike About My Mi4i (DISADVANTAGES OF MI4I)

  1. It Heats Little Bit after Update6.6.6.0 (LXMICF) Not Top But Is Heats  
  2. They Said Scratch Resistant I Got 4 to 5 Scratches On Screen (not Noticeable)
  3. Non Removable Battery
  4. Slow motion Is Not Good In HD But It Works Fine In 480p
  5. It Heats While Recording Video in FULL HD for Long Time and Slow-mo Too
  6. NO External Card Support
  7. Audio output Via Device Speaker Is not Good But negotiable
  8.  The Device is Too Big I cant Operate With My One Hand BUT They Given The Option ONE HANDED MODE where You Can Change Screen To 3.5, 4.5 and 4 





 If Your are buying This Phone Just Buy it Its Too Good for Its Price.. Just Don't buy 32GB Version Your Not going To Fill 16GB It Self  and They Didn't Updated RAM For 32GB So Go for 16GB.


Mi 4i RATING 4.5/5

Latest Rom UPDATE FOR mi4i V6.6.10.0 LXIMICF Check Out This article


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Mi 4i Review ! After Using 3 Months Mi 4i Review ! After Using 3 Months Reviewed by Shivaprakash Hiremath on 8/14/2015 Rating: 5
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